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Pegasus Skills List

- Meteor air-bursting punch:
Pegasus' autoattack

- Reverse suplex:
Ultimate skill, Depletes all Courage, the higher the Courage meter the harder this skill hits,
perform a suplex on target and knock them down. (Cooldown 40s)

- Wings of Pegasus:
Movement speed buff, user gains immunity to CC effects (freeze/bind, etc) ,
effect lasts up to 15 seconds. (Cooldown 40 seconds)

- Meteor burst fist:
Depletes all Courage, the higher the Courage meter the harder this skill hits, Pegasus' basic attack (Cooldown : 7 seconds)

- Courageous stance:
Emit a radiant light that increases 20% damage for the user and allies nearby. (Cooldown 120 seconds)

- Meteor Shower : (Cooldown : 15 seconds)
Emits a meteor shower in 5m range, around the user, this attack lasts for 8 second. (11 seconds with talent)

- Aquila's Kick :
Perform a fast, 5-hit combo on the target, deals medium damage and the user gains a small amount of Courage.
(Cooldown 5 seconds)

- Meteor Assault :
Leap towards a target within 15m and knock them down, binds them for 2 seconds as well as the user.
(Cooldown 12 seconds ; 8 seconds with talent)

- Hurricane Kick :
Performs a quick kick on the target. If user uses this attack in "Comet" mode ,
this skill's damage amplifies by 100% as well as apply a 6 second speed debuff to the target. (Cooldown 6 seconds)

- Protection from the Stars :
User gains a bar of Courage every 3 seconds, effect lasts up to 15 seconds. (Cooldown : 40 seconds)

 - Comet Sucker Punch
Perform an attack that skill-locks the opponent for 5 seconds ( 8 seconds with talent,
stuns for 3 seconds with talent ; Cooldown 35 seconds)

 - Comet Finale
Perform a devastating 5-hit combo at lightning speed,
the last hit deals lethal damage and also knocks the opponent down for 3 seconds. For every bar of Courage,
this skill's raw damage increases by 25%. (up to 125% ; Cooldown 120 seconds)

- Pegasus' Will (Passive) :
Unlocks the a special combo meter for the pegasus, for every 5-hit combo, the user gains 1 bar of Courage. The user may gain up to
a maximum of 5 bars, having your courage meter full will greatly increase the damage of some skills.

- Athena's Blessing (Passive) :
For every Courage meter the user depletes, the user regenerates 2% of his/her maximum health. (up to 10%)

- Pegasus Meteor fist: (Interchangable)
Main Cloth's ultimate skill, performs a punch in a  fan-based arc that strikes all enemy and knocks them down,
effect increases with Cloth level.[/center]
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